We finished our inaugural year of NHS. In May, the Board sat around a table and talked about our favorite events and memories from the year. Then one insightful parent asked a great question, "How do we keep the excitement going?"


I love this question. Here are my thoughts:



In the beginning, everything was new. The first day of school, the first time lockers were opened, the first dance, the first report cards, the first cars in the parking lot, the first band concert, the first theater performance, the first football/volleyball/crosscountry/basketball/

soccer/bowling/lacrosse/track/baseball/softball/ game, the first awards and the first last day of school. Now we settle...


In this second year, we have a chance to tweak everything. What worked? What didn't? Why are the hallways so...sterile? This is the set-up year for a full school. We add a new class, we add new teachers, we add new teams, we triple our band, we open a new wing. We prepare...for graduations. 



Even though we live in a super connected world, information gets missed. We know your child won't tell you a whole lot, so I encourage you to OPEN and READ the Knightly News. It contains most of what you need to know on a weekly basis. Our PTSO website and social media accounts strive to give you the latest information.


And as a high school community, it is vitally important for parents to get involved through volunteering their time, resources and connections. We encourage you to fill out our volunteer opportunities form so that we can connect you with the ways to volunteer. As parents, faculty, and the surrounding community we have a unique opportunity to excel in supporting, connecting, and strengthening Nolensville High School.



Opening the school has been very exciting and the county provided our campus with the basic necessities. But it is never enough. All fundraising efforts through the school or the PTSO, help fill the gaps. Whether it is adding technology, continuing education for our teachers, enhancing the campus decor, or adding furniture for study spaces, every dollar you donate goes to better our students. 


Stronger Together is a theme that has resonated through the PTSO. As we continue to form our school into the best it can be, I encourage you to get involved and donate to best of your abilities. We need you!


Please join the NHS PTSO with your tax deductible donation of $35. With your membership you will be able to view the online directory, which is very helpful if your child forgets a class assignment! $10 of that membership fee goes into your child's CLASS account. We encourage you to "Round Up" and add to your donation so that we can meet our annual budget along with any immediate school needs.




Christy Conder

2017-18 PTSO President

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